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by seasoned professionals


In our company, the client comes first. In order to implement this client centric culture, we provide an environment where people are driven to perform.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We encourage our employees to think and act like the owners of the company. We develop projects with the utmost integrity and with the highest standards. We expect our employees to reflect the same culture. We have built an environment that enables our employees to reach their full potential.

We provide a vibrant and dynamic environment for aspiring graduates to improve in all aspects of their life. We take a holistic approach in improving our employees by allowing our employees to put their hands in fields well beyond their standard job description. Responsibilities are grabbed in IP ASTRA, rather than served in a plate. Our employees have the opportunities to shake hands with inventors, IP heads and people who matter. We provide our employees opportunities to brush shoulders with people with deep expertise in the field of intellectual property.

Effective communication lays the foundation for a well-executed task. Our employees are encouraged to ask questions and express their opinions. We encourage our employees to appreciate each other for working hard, at the same time, constructive criticism is highly encouraged.

We embrace the start-up culture. In our company, every day is a new challenge, and our employees push their limits every day. They explore, adapt and create value to our company every day. The core value that drives people in our company is that the company is as much as theirs as it is the founders’.

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