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Our extensive research into the field of start-ups has thrown some light on the fact that a portion of our young entrepreneurs lack clarity in the field of Intellectual property, especially patents. Some young entrepreneurs even have the misconception that investing in Intellectual property, especially patents, is a complete waste of time and money. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Especially in the case if you are up against the big corporate fishes.

A good patent portfolio is vital to survive in this patent driven economy. A clever IP strategy and a well maintained IP portfolio garners respect for your company from the corporates. In the world of business, respect equates to money. An efficient IP portfolio also generates a minimum guarantee for angel investors and venture capitalists who want to invest in your company. Intellectual property helps budding companies to protect their competitive advantage, to increase the net value of business, to obtain a marketing advantage and even to generate revenue via licensing. After numerous talks with a multitude of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs and understanding their need for knowledge in the field of Intellectual property, we have come up with solutions.

We provide tailor made Intellectual property consulting services for start-ups and independent inventors. Years of experience with independent inventors have equipped us with the necessary skills and services that you shall require when you start up a company. We have assisted and advised several independent inventors to start-up their ventures and continue to do so. Through the years we have come to understand the precise questions that come up in a young tech entrepreneur’s mind and we have found answers to many of those questions. We are happy to share those answers with you. Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with effective advice and guide you through the processes related to intellectual property.