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Our Philosophy

We at IP ASTRA believe that by delivering the highest quality service consistently, we will be involved with the best and the most interesting client work. We realize that the satisfaction of our clients is directly tied to our success. Our philosophy is based on the following five principles:


The path to achievement is riddled with shortcuts that offer to take you faster, but which tarnish your integrity. We do not believe in such shortcuts. As alluring as they may be, they pull us back tenfold in the long term. We are all about building long term relationships with our clients. Integrity comes as our top most priority.


We believe that simplicity is the essence of quality. That is the reason why we have a simple but efficient group of seasoned professionals to run the company. This simplicity allows us to serve you the best without hassles of institutional bureaucracy. Conforming to the art of speaking through ones’ work, we make sure that each product we deliver reflects this simplicity. Each line we write is written, rewritten, and refined to be simple, sharp, and to the point. It takes a lot of inspired perspiration to achieve simplicity. We take pride in this achievement.


We believe in communication. We know that effective communication lays the foundation for a well-executed task. Hence our faculty is encouraged to ask questions and express their opinions. We go the extra mile in talking to the inventors and understanding their needs effectively. That is why we spend hours discussing with each other to optimize our understanding. We achieve simplicity and quality in everything we do through effective communication.


Ours is an organisation with professionals having several years of experience in the intellectual property arena. Like the individuals forming it, our team handles each of your tasks with utmost professionalism. Your needs are safe in our hands.


Happiness is the ultimate goal behind any endeavour. Happiness is both the raw material and produce. Happy employees make excellent results and in turn results in happy clients.