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Patent Preparation

Patent preparation is what we do the best. We eat, drink and breathe patents throughout the day. We are the patent cognoscenti. We are the people who can tell a good patent from a great patent and we know the art of using the best of our abilities to make sure that we deliver great patents. We work for domains ranging from electronic devices, communication to computer chips and business models. We cater to jurisdictions around the world, primarily India, and USA.

We deliver patents that will amaze you with its concision, clarity and simplicity. Every patent we deliver is the result of painstaking brainstorming sessions where our faculty spend their focussed energy, patience and intellect to understand exactly what you need. Patent drafting at IP ASTRA is more than a job. It is a passion, an unending search for perfection. Embracing the Shakespearean adage “Brevity is the soul of wit”, our team of drafters and technical specialists take pride in explaining complex inventions in a manner succinct enough to be interesting while elaborate enough to be complete.

Above all this, all the patents we draft go through a multi-tier reviewing system where they are reviewed by skills that have been sharpened, honed and nurtured with several years of experience in the fine art of elegant patent drafting. The combination of our expertise, use of best practises, and our multi-tier review system helps us deliver quality patents as per your requirements.